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Questões de Concurso Militar EEAR 2019 para Sargento da Aeronáutica - Controle de Tráfego Aéreo

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Q997225 Inglês
Read the text to answer question.

To tip, or not to tip? 

The word tip comes from an old English slang. Americans usually tip people in places like restaurants, airports, hotels, and hair salons. 
People who work in these places often get paid low wages. A tip shows that the customer is pleased with service. 
 usually depends on the service. People such as parking valets or bellshops usually get (small) _____________ tips. The tip for people such as taxi drivers and waiters or waitresses is usually (large) _____________. 
When you’re not sure about how much to tip, do what feels right. You don’t have to tip for bad services. And you can give a (big) _____________ tip for a very good service. Remember, though, your behavior is (important) _____________ than your money. Always treat service providers with respect. 
Adapted from Interchange
Choose the alternative that completes the text with the correct comparatives.
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