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Examine o quadrinho.


O quadrinho faz uma crítica
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Olympic Games 2016

For the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, many tourists look for apartments and accommodation in the south area. However, the games will take place in Barra da Tijuca. The easiest means of transport is the metro.

Em relação às informações acima, é INCORRETO afirmar que
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Q598907 Inglês

After interviewing gurus that counsel both men and women on dating, we noticed something that was quite curious. Some of their dating advice was actually gender-neutral and could be applied to both sexes. As we see it, good advice is good advice. Here are the top five dating tips for both men and women:
1. Be open minded.
2. Don't research before a first date. You can “Google them" later.
3. Don't bring baggage. Avoid talking about past relationships.
4. Be honest about yourself. Starting a relationship based on lies is never a good idea.
5. Leave on a high note. Keep things short and sweet. Better to leave the other person wanting more.
<www.newszoom.com> Acessed on: August 10th, 2014.

According to the text, it's CORRECT to say that:
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Q598906 Inglês
The Phenomenon of Candy Crush: Why Is the Game So Popular?

In 2012, Candy Crush was released on Facebook and was later converted to smartphone format for people to play on the go. In 2013, the game reached real prominence and became the most popular game on Facebook. It's no surprise then that so many people play this game on their phones. Candy Crush Saga has changed the way many of us kill time on commutes, or even in the toilet. 2I don't remember the last train journey I took where at least one person wasn't playing Candy Crush on their phone. I'm sure almost every reader of this article will have either been invited or invited others to play Candy Crush via Facebook in an effort to get more lives or even levels.
Despite being incredibly similar to many games over the years, Candy Crush Saga has added new depth to the genre, with seemingly unlimited combinations of new scenarios and concepts. So, this mixture of simplicity and variety is what makes Candy Crush so unbelievably popular.
As a result, Candy Crush Saga shows no signs of slowing down. New levels are generally released via the Facebook version every three weeks, with new levels also being made frequently available for the smartphone version. With 6.7 million active users, the developers are rumored to be earning $633,000 per day from Candy Crush users.
Adapted from <http://metro.co.uk/2013/09/27/>

In the sentence “I don't remember the last train journey I took where at least one person wasn't playing Candy Crush on their phone." (ref. 2), the author means
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Q598904 Inglês

In 1985, Frejat, then guitarist for Barão Vermelho, hit the stage wearing green and yellow clothes. It was January 15th, the day in which Tancredo Neves was named president of Brazil. Cazuza sang “Pro Dia Nascer Feliz" with lots of enthusiasm.
Frejat returns to the festival this year for a solo performance on October 1st.

Disponível em: TAM. TAM nas nuvens. São Paulo: New Content Editora, set/2011.

Que elemento linguístico do texto em inglês indica que Frejat já saiu da banda Barão Vermelho?
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