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    Ano: 2014
    Banca: FUNCAB
    Órgão: SEE-AC
    Read the text below and answer the questions that follow:

    Text 1:

    At the Airport

    Laura is at the airport. She waits for her flight. Her flight is to Berlin, and it is 4 hours away. Laura walks around the airport and looks at the shops. She has a nice time.

    After an hour she wants to visit the bathroom. She searches for it, but she doesn’t find it. “Where is the bathroom?” she asks herself. She looks and looks but she can’t find it. She starts asking people where it is.

    Laura: “Excuse me sir, could you please tell mewhere is the bathroom?”
    Man: “Youmean the restroom, right?”
    Laura: “No, Imean the bathroom.”
    Man: “Well, the restroom is over there.” He says andwalks away.

    Laura doesn’t understand. She asks a lady: “Excusememadam, could you please tellmewhere is the bathroom?”

    “The restroom is over there,” the lady answers andwalks away.

    Laura is confused. “What’s their problem? I need to use the bathroomand they sendme to rest?! I don’t need a restroom, I need the bathroom!”

    After a while Laura gives up. She feels tired of all this walking and asking. She decides that maybe they are all right and she does need to rest. She walks to the restroom. Now she is surprised. She realizes the restroom is actually the name for a public bathroom!

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    According to the last paragraph, we can conclude that:

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