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    Ano: 2015
    Banca: BIO-RIO
    Órgão: IF-RJ

    TEXT 2

                                 Women in Computing


    ( accessed October 26th, 2015)

                                                                      The Next Generation

    Technology is rapidly evolving, but the low number of women in computer science and engineering remains stagnant and experts say that this could have major implications for the future.

    “Computing is at the heart of everything,” says Dr. Telle Whitney, CEO of the Anita Borg Institute and co-founder of Grace Hopper Celebration. “To be missing half the population is a significant loss to our world.

    In 2014, women made up only 22 percent of the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computer science (STEM) workforce. The number of Canadian women working in STEM fields has barely changed in the past three decades.

    “Women look at the world a little differently than men and I think we have a huge opportunity to disrupt and play a big role in the technology space,” says Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO, an initiative that supports female entrepreneurs.[…]

    (MACLEAN’S, October 12th, 2015, p. 1)

    The objective of this text is to show that women:

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